satellite finder

Satellite Finder DirecTV and Dish Network Alignment Tool

Satellite Finder Signal Meter displays signal strength, according to dish position, with an easy-to-read analog needle, allowing you to make necessary adjustments without having to yell back and forth from the window. The Satellite Finder quickly installs between the satellite dish and receiver. Satellite Signal Meter is powered by satellite receiver, so there�s no additional power connection. 

1) 75 ohm BS type F outlet
2) Inside installed micro lamp and buzzer
3) Input frequency: 950 - 2250MHz
4) Min. input level: -40dBm
5) Max. input level: -10dBm
6) Power supply: 13 - 18V DC

With the Satellite Finder, locking on to your satellite signal is now a one person operation. The Satellite Finder will align your satellite dish whether you use Dish Network, Direct TV, or any other type of satellite tv. Did you know DirecTV, Dish Network, and other satellite providers will charge you over $100 to come out and re-align your satellite dish? Our Satellite Finder will save you tons of money in the long run, especially if you move or use a satellite dish for your RV camper. 

Adjust your Satellite Dish Yourself Fast and Easy!
No more standing on your roof for hours yelling if signal is good

satellite finder

DirecTV and Dish Network will Charge $100 for alignment!
Align your satellite dish yourself in just seconds while saving lots of money

Find your frequency
The Satellite Finder lets you easily tune your satellite dish and determine the direction of the strongest satellite signal. Great for remote satellite antennas.

The Satellite Alignment Finder is the most useful tool in Satellite TV installation includes Direct TV, Dish Network, Bell ExpressVu, FTA and Satellite Internet systems. Designed with SMT technology, its superior sensitivity is capable to indicate signal from 0.2dB to 2300MHz. It is operated by LNB power. A built-in buzzer sounds higher pitch when dish gains higher signal. The Satellite Alignment Finder is complied with EMC directive and CE qualified. Nice low price Do It Yourself satellite alignment tool. 

Satellite TV Finder lets you easily tune your satellite dish while outside
Determine the direction of the strongest satellite signal
Great for remote satellite antennas
Easy satellite alignment for dishes on homes, RVs and motor homes 
Make adjustments yourself without a secondary helper 
No more waiting on hold on a service provider's customer service line 

Perfect for traveling and camping with your RV
No more standing on your roof for hours yelling if signal is good

If you've ever had satellite service suddenly cut out on you, you know how aggravating and time consuming it can be to remedy the problem. But thanks to this easy-to-use Satellite TV Finder, you can correct the problem yourself in seconds! The Satellite TV Finder is perfect for installing new dishes, adjusting the dish on your RV, or simply making adjustments to residential dishes after windstorms, hurricanes, heavy rains or earthquakes.

Simply wire this affordable satellite dish alignment finder device between your dish and your receiver, turn on your equipment and adjust your satellite dish until the meter indicates optimum signal strength. Use the satellite dish tool today and you'll never have to wait on hold forever so your provider's service rep can schedule a repair appointment next week. And you'll never have to recruit a second person to help you with a lengthy trial and error process.

Bad Storm Knock Your Satellite Dish Out?
Re-align your satellite dish within seconds without paying for customer service

Weight: Less than 1 lb. 
Dimensions: 4 1/2"W x 2 1/2"H x 1 1/8"D 

Gain: 17dB
Input Frequency: 950 ~ 2300 GHz
Power: 13 ~ 18 VDC (From receiver)

Great Satellite Alignment product for the Do-It-Yourselfer
Satellite Finder Signal Meter that monitors signal strength on any analog or digital signal
Uses the power drawn from the line itself, no power cord is needed to make it light and function
Easily setup satellite dishes on RVs, motor homes, picnic tables, truck, decks roofs, or any where you want to setup your dish
Works with DSS DirecTV, Dish Network, ExpressVU, FTA MPEG2/ DVB receivers, C band & KU band satellite signals

Just connect temporary coax cable and satellite receiver

Extremely Fast and Easy to Use
Simple Directions

1. Connect a jump cable from LNB to satellite finder's "TO LNB" input.

2. Connect the "TO REC" a DC 13-18 V power which comes from satellite receiver.

3. Make sure the satellite dish alignment finder is properly connected. Plug in the AC cord and turn on the satellite receiver. It will show light on the scale, the reading will be around 1.

4. Make a close dish alignment by setting Azimuth and Inclination.

5. Set the reading around 5 by adjusting satellite finder's level control on front.

6. Adjust dish position, feedhom position, and polarization to have the highest reading on the satellite dish alignment finder. If full scale, lower the reading by turning lever control counterclockwise.

7. Remove the jump cable and satellite dish alignment finder. Resume connection of satellite receiver and LNB.

- When using this unit to install C band dish, you must not place the satellite dish alignment finder in front of dish to avoid always full scale
- When using high gain LNB, gain that higher than 60dB, insert a 5 dB attenuator in between LNB and satellite finder, or replace the jump cable to be a 20ft RG-59U
- If the read out is jumping, the sensitivity is too high. Lower the sensitivity by adjusting S.A on the bottom. On the other hand, adjust the S.A clockwise to increase sensitivity.

Frequency Range:  SF-95    0.95-2.3GHZ
Gain: 17dB
Sensitivity: 7
Power Supply: DC13-18V
Operating Range: LNB Gain=52-60dB

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